CLAT Legal Aptitude



  • Watch practical learning videos created by experts
  • Test yourself with application based exercises
  • Step-by-step approach to ensure learning outcomes
  • Study anytime, anywhere as convenient!



Get a unique set of test prep skills (and test practice) to ace any law entrance exam! myLaw gives you the precise tools and practice materials required to improve your scores. We don't want to waste your time with tons of materials and useless advice so here's a prep tool to give you the most value in the least possible time. We believe it’s not the hours of prep but the prep in your hours that matters.

You get

  • A 6-hour capsule to help you ace Legal Aptitude, including Legal Reasoning. The capsule includes learning videos covering all the important areas of law tested in the exam and practice exercises to help you ace Legal Aptitude. This is the quickest and surest way to build reasoning skills required to crack the CLAT
  • 10 mock tests, along with detailed analysis, on CLAT, AILET and SET patterns to help you master test taking skills and help you build speed and accuracy

Legal Aptitude covers

  • What to expect in the Legal Aptitude sections of the exams
  • Learning videos and practice questions to improve reasoning skills 
  • Step-by-step approach to any legal reasoning question

Mock Tests

This course includes 10 mock tests (7 CLAT, 2 AILET, and 1 SET). Each mock has been carefully created to match the difficulty levels of the actual law entrance tests and include questions that have been created after studying the past 9 year CLAT and AILET papers. 

What do you need?

  • A standard Internet / data connection along with a computer / laptop / smartphone / tablet
  • The zeal to get to a top law school and willingness to work with us over the next few weeks



  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Legal Aptitude Questions (Session 1)

  • 3. Legal Aptitude Questions (Session 2)

  • 4. Reasoning - I (Session 1)

  • 5. Reasoning - I (Session 2)

  • 6. Reasoning - I (Session 3)

  • 7. Reasoning - II (Session 1)

  • 8. Reasoning - II (Session 2)

  • 9. Reasoning - II (Session 3)

  • 10. Principle - Facts Questions (Session 1)

  • 11. Principle - Facts Questions (Session 2)

  • 12. Principle - Facts Questions (Session 3)

  • 13. Principle - Facts Questions - II (Session 1)

  • 14. Principle - Facts Questions - II (Session 2)

  • 15. Principle - Facts Questions - II (Session 3)


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