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myLaw is proud to partner with Barbri, the world leader in legal test prep to bring SQE test prep to India. With 55+ years of expertise, over 1.3 million alumni and over 1,500 foreign lawyers annually seeking dual qualification, Barbri is the perfect partner to take advantage of the SQE.

What is the SQE?

The Solicitor’s Qualification Exam (SQE) is a new two-stage professional exam assessment for anyone seeking to qualify as a solicitor in England & Wales. This new SQE route provides more flexibility and allows both foreign lawyers and non-lawyers to meet the requirements of the SQE and gain an additional qualification to expand and transform their career.

What are the requirements?

The SQE has a two-stage exam that broadly tests Functioning Legal Knowledge (in areas like Business Law Practice, Contract, Legal System of England & Wales, Criminal Law and more) and Practical Legal Skills (in areas like Client Interviewing, Advocacy, Legal Drafting and more). Each stage is tested twice a year and is conducted online but includes an oral assessment portion which will need to be taken in specific centres in the United Kingdom. Once a candidate has passed both stages of the SQE Assessment, they will need to have the required Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) and pass the character & suitability requirements to be admitted by the Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA).

How will the SQE help an Indian lawyer (or professional)?

Adding a dual qualification, especially one as prestigious as being a Solicitor of England and Wales, would expand any professional’s career in multiple ways and provide them with an international network and qualification. In addition, the SQE ensures that one does not need to take time away from their career for earning a Master’s degree from a foreign university in order to be eligible to write a bar exam or a qualification test.

Why Barbri?

Barbri is the world leader in legal test prep with over 50 years of experience. Over 30% of the candidates who sat for the first set of SQE examinations chose Barbri as their legal test prep partner and had a 77% pass rate for the SQE 1!

Barbri SQE study plans are designed for working professionals and can be completed in as little as 10 weeks based on the amount of time that a candidate can keep aside for it. The Barbri SQE course is taught by top law tutors who are qualified solicitors and barristers in England & Wales, with a Personal Study Plan (PSP) which integrates ISAAC (a proprietary algorithm) and a personal Learning Coach who is assigned to each candidate. In addition, professional resource books, mock exams, individualised tutor feedback, career support and access to an international job network and workshops to enhance exam readiness make the Barbri SQE test prep courses the best option to crack the SQE!

What are the costs for the SQE?

The SQE1 Exam (offered twice a year) costs £1558 and the SQE2 Exam (offered twice a year) costs £2422. The Barbri Global SQE Prep for SQE1 costs £2999 and for SQE2 costs £3499 (£2999 for Barbri Global SQE1 alumni). Do note that Barbri offers a Barbri Guarantee (which provides free access to the test prep course if a second attempt is needed), Barbri Awards (with a cash discount of 5% on the SQE test prep fees) as well as specific scholarships for students & professionals. Further, Indian advocates can also qualify for an exemption from the SQE2 exam based on their QWE.

I’m interested, how do I proceed?

We are here to help – as a Global Agent for Barbri, myLaw will provide you complete information & support in your path to the SQE. Whether you would merely like more information on the SQE or seek a discussion with an SQE counsellor, please fill up your details in the form below and we will be in touch very shortly. In addition, you will also be eligible for a Barbri Award and the Barbri Guarantee.




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