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In the various areas in which the large-scale modernization of the legal profession can be achieved (along with its evident social benefits), the problem of legal education is perhaps the most acute. While the demand side of the legal profession has transformed over the last few decades and is poised to not only grow, but also continuously change, the supply side of informed and equipped law graduates has remained woefully behind. India graduates over 50,000 law students ever year, most of whom have little choice but to join the legal profession and build a career with whatever tools they have. In this scenario, modernizing the legal profession in a new economic and social reality will not only require focus on improving legal education in pockets but also making it accessible across the board.

Further, with increasing competition and need for professionalization of talent and skills, any one seeking to build a career at any rung in any part of India will need to continuously learn and pick up knowledge & skills through out their career. Add to this a (largely) broken higher education system and one realizes that the challenge is immense, but it is imperative that we do so. As the number of students in law school (and the number of law schools) and legal professionals continue to grow there is a crying need to shift the focus from mere institution/infrastructure building to equipping the student for a career ahead. The aim here cannot be to merely build new “islands of excellence” on the basis of further self-selection but to provide access and competency building through skills and knowledge to every single law student and practicing lawyer. The knock on effect on the bar, the justice system and society as a whole are plain to see. Nothing less will do in the Indian context, where a large demographic dividend is impatiently waiting for better opportunities.

We, at myLaw, have this as our goal – make quality legal learning accessible and deliver value to any student or professional who needs to learn, or skill themselves in, any area of law, irrespective of their area of expertise.

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