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“Learning is now lifelong, and should not be a luxury.”


A simple enough aim, but a highly complicated task. We now live in an era of lifelong learning where we cannot afford to merely sit back on a degree or certification we obtained years, or decades ago. With increasing competition and need for professionalization of talent and skills, any one seeking to build a career at any rung in any part of India will need to continuously learn and pick up skills through out their career. The generation that is currently in college or university will only be more severely affected by this change but those currently past the middle of their careers will not be spared either.

Add to this a largely broken higher education system in India and one will realize that this is not an easy area to disrupt or create improvements at scale, but it is imperative that we do so. There is a crying need to move past the “islands of excellence” approach to one where centres of learning are rapidly converted into platforms of skilling and access. Nothing less will do in the Indian context where there are a large number of fixed assets in learning (universities, colleges etc.) and a demographic dividend that is hungry for better opportunities.

The evolution of traditional learning systems as well as the re-imagining of content (both consumption and creation) is only going to get more expansive as we move further into this century. And the necessary absence of one magic pill (or model), will require the intertwining of new systems of learning with traditional systems of teaching and certification. Answers to the problems thrown up by this churn will involve pulling together solutions involving technology, design, marketing, assessment, and content creation to create more skill-oriented, outcome-focussed learning products.

We, at myLaw, started off with this in mind and are currently on our way to building a successful model of online learning and content delivering value to tens of thousands of students and professionals who need to understand or skill themselves in any area of law, irrespective of their area of expertise.

Good luck (to us!),

The myLaw Team

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