Law School Launchpad Programme



PRICE: 7,000

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  • Pack of five courses suited for combined learning
  • Comprehensive learning pack for first year law students
  • Modular content designed for quick absorption
  • Get prepared in just 90 days of flexible learning
  • Physical reading materials delivered to your doorstep
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This pack of five courses has been put together to get students ready for law school and beyond. To come out as a successful lawyer, law students need to make the most of the 5 years in law school – excelling in academics, extra-curricular activities such as mooting, publishing papers in journals, research work, projects, and most importantly, internships.

Legal research course will develop your ability to carry out quick, comprehensive and focused research within deadlines. Legal writing & contract law courses will help you tackle any legal writing task in your academic and professional life and ensure that you have the necessary knowledge of contracts. The mooting course will help you acquire the necessary skills to excel in moot court competitions and the article writing course will help you showcase your expertise in a subject through journal articles, essays, newspaper columns, and blogs.

All of this will be tested through one common Course Completion Test so that you can get ready in just 90 days!


What do you need?

  • No prior knowledge of law required
  • This course is highly recommended for first year law students who are about to start or have recently joined law school 
  • Other than that, a standard Internet/data connection along with a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet is enough to get you started!


Exam and certification

In addition to unit-wise practice exercises, this course offers a common Course Completion Test (CCT). To qualify for the CCT, a learner has to complete more than 60% of the course. The CCT is conducted online to provide maximum flexibility to the learner. Based on the results of the CCT, a learner will be given a certificate, which is recognised by various employers in the legal industry.



Each myLaw Course is designed and created by our in house faculty team in consultation with industry experts, including experienced litigators and corporate lawyers, and accomplished legal academics. myLaw continues to work closely with such experts to ensure that this Course imparts the practical skills and legal knowledge required for this area of law.




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