Sports Law


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Acquire the knowledge about the regulation and governance of sport (domestic and international) and take an important step towards becoming an expert sports lawyer. This course will provide a practical understanding of the bodies that govern sport, the regulatory and judicial supervision of those bodies, anti-doping, match-fixing, sponsorship and broadcast rights, and the competition law issues in sport.

What you will learn?

  • Understand the role of autonomous governing bodies and common international standards
  • Explore the oversight of sports governance by governments and courts
  • Principles of law that underpin judicial oversight of sports
  • Explore the role of arbitration in sports
  • Learn about the laws and regulations governing match-fixing
  • Learn about the laws and regulations governing anti-doping
  • Understand sponsorship rights, broadcast rights and special protection of Olympic properties

What do you need?

  • A basic understanding of contracts, civil procedure, copyright, and trademark will be useful before taking this course
  • This course is generally recommended for senior law students and legal professionals
  • Other than that, a standard Internet/data connection along with a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet is enough to get you started!

Exam and certification

In addition to unit wise practice exercises, this course offers a Course Completion Test (CCT). To qualify for the CCT, a learner has to complete more than 90% of the course. The CCT is conducted online to provide maximum flexibility to the learner. Based on the results of the CCT, a learner will be given a certificate, which is recognised by various employers in the legal industry.



  • 1. The Governance of Sport

  • 2. Regulation of Sports Governing Bodies by Governments

  • 3. Supervision of Sports Governing Bodies by Courts

  • 4. Sports Arbitration and the CAS

  • 5. The Global Governance of Anti-Doping

  • 6. Key Principles of the World Anti-Doping Code

  • 7. The Use of Criminal Law in the Fight Against Match-Fixing

  • 8. Sports Governing Bodies in the Fight Against Match-fixing

  • 9. Sports Trademarks, Special Protection of Olympic Properties, and Ambush Marketing

  • 10. Media Rights and the Exclusivity of Sports Broadcasts


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